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Here at Eleven98 the safety and comfort of our guests is of paramount importance. We're constantly revising and updating the measures we put in place, so that we're taking the necessary precautions with regards to Covid. We want you to feel safe and comfortable, we want to feel safe and comfortable ourselves, and of course we want everyone to be able to relax and have a great time. Here's some information about our location and what "the new normal" looks like when dining with us...

  • LOCATION - We're tucked away on a quiet and residential street, so there'll be very little foot traffic as you arrive and when you depart. This will help to facilitate social distancing during these times

  • ARRIVAL - The dining room and the WC are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after every Chef's Table service. We are continuing to provide 80% alcohol hand sanitiser to guests on arrival. At a traditional restaurant there's a constant flow of guests arriving and leaving at different times, with lots of coming and going. This can often result in there being a lack of space around the entrance. At Eleven98 we offer one sitting, we don't take walk-ins, and we limit the number of guests for each service

  • PRIVATE DINING - If you'd like to book the whole Chef's Table to yourselves, for a private dining group of between 8 to 12 guests, simply get in touch via our Private Dining page. We are also able to cater for larger groups, and have a roster of local venues where we can host your group

  • STAFF - Aidan is a professional chef and is fully certified in Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Food Safety, and has many years of experience working to the high standards of Michelin starred restaurants. He is also incredibly meticulous and conscientious by nature

  • THE LOO - The environmentally friendly hand wash that we provide in the bathroom is also a sanitiser, and we ask that guests use this for a thorough hand washing after using the facilities

  • COOPERATION - The collaboration of everyone attending will help to ensure maximum comfort for all. We are putting these measures in place for the physical and mental well-being of our guests and of ourselves, but in the unlikely event that someone is deemed to be acting in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable, they will politely be asked to leave

We would like to thank you  for your cooperation and hope that these measures will ensure a safe environment for everyone, offering our guests the peace of mind to relax and enjoy the excitement of a culinary journey through Hackney. If you think there is anything else we could do to further maximise your comfort before or during your visit, we would greatly appreciate your suggestions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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