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Added: 1 year ago. Shotblaster Shotblaster is an open source project which aims to create a series of projectile weapons for the first-person shooter game. It is a software which generates cross-section images of three-dimensional objects based on the surface texture information from textures. Although it does not produce any photorealistic images, it is used as a visual comparison for feature extraction and texture retrieval. Shotblaster is written in C++ and is free software. To make the cross section, a surface mesh model of the object under study is first constructed. It consists of triangles which define the surface and their properties. The surface has to be textured to create the surface texture information. The texturing is done by sampling the vertices of the model and storing the values as floating-point numbers. The cross section is then generated by projecting these values along the rays through each of the vertices of the surface model. Each triangle of the object is thus bisected at the value corresponding to the direction of the ray through its vertices. A ray from the camera position to the vertex can be obtained using the tangent and normal vectors of the surface and the view vector of the camera. The final step is to create a texture image from the values of the cross section as described in ISO 3602:1998 - Texturing and rendering, ISO/DIS 3736:2007 - Texturing and rendering, ISO 3776:1996 - Three-dimensional graphics rendering techniques. As Shotblaster is a ray-tracing engine, the values in the image are varying along the image depth. An arbitrary value for the image depth is defined by the user. As a default, the depth is usually calculated as the cosine of the included angle between the view vector and the normal vector at each vertex. In this case, an image having the same size as the surface model is created. It is then rasterized using the specified depth. The rasterized image is saved as an OpenGL format file. This can be viewed in a graphics or 3D application such as OpenGL or Maya. How to Play/Setup Currently, the application supports three different types of surfaces: spherical, cylindrical, and planar. A variety of weapon objects can be created based on the surface of the object. More types of objects can be added as time goes on. The objects are usually added to an inventory. They can be fired using the cross-section images in the




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Deagle Aim Cfg
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