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The philosophy and ethos of Eleven98. An interview with Aidan about Hackney growing and foraging, local sourcing and sustainability, environmentalism and the story of Eleven98 as featured in Episode 3 of the Dalstonia podcast.

Dalstonia podcast - Interview with Aidan Brooks of Eleven98
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about Eleven98

Over a decade of fine dining training in Spain, helping to win East London's first ever Michelin star and Head Chef at one of Britain's top vegetarian restaurants all led me to develop and launch my Hackney-based passion project Eleven98. . .  more

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what's in a name?

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So, why are we called Eleven98? Find out.


Both sustainability and environmental mindfulness have become something that’s incredibly important to me and they play a big part in the way I live my life. So when I planned to set up my own business, I knew that ethos would be reflected in the way I’d go about things. . .  more

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50p from each ticket sale for every one of Eleven98’s events will be donated to these Hackney-based charities. . .  more

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